Expendable Launch Vehicles

We monitor ELV performance, based on the nominal planned trajectory, by utilizing the vehicle’s real-time guidance telemetry and predefined network assets during powered-flight. With this service the customer can receive real-time launch trajectory information, acquisition data support, and delivery of the actual payload orbital insertion state vector.

The FDF support capabilities for ELVs include:

  • Supporting multiple launch vehicles, e.g., Atlas V, Delta II, Delta IV, and preparing for Vega and SLS
  • Developing optimal acquisition strategies
  • Supporting pre-mission testing and simulations to verify data formats and interfaces
  • Generating pre-mission and real-time antenna pointing acquisition data and planning products based on the planned trajectory
  • Coordinating between tracking resources and the launch service provider
  • Using in-house capabilities to support inertially targeted missions, i.e., with multiple trajectories depending upon liftoff time within the launch window
  • Processing real-time launch vehicle tracking and telemetry
  • Generating post-maneuver trajectory predictions based on upper stage burn modeling
  • Providing real-time graphical and digital trajectory monitoring against the nominal predicted trajectory to show the predicted and commanded TDRS antenna pointing.