Human Spaceflight

The FDF has supported human spaceflight missions dating back to the Mercury and Gemini Programs, all space shuttle missions, currently the ISS and Visiting Vehicles, and preparing for ISS crewed capsules and exploration missions. We have, or are currently supporting the following missions: ISS, ATV, HTV, Sierra Nevada DreamChaser, Soyuz, SpaceX Dragon, Dragon V2, Boeing CST-100 Starliner, Orbital/ATK Cygnus, EFT-1, and EM-1. This support varies by mission, but overall includes pre-mission and launch trajectory analysis, acquisition data generation and transmission to supporting sites, real-time monitoring of guidance data in support of contingencies, rendezvous maneuver support, backup navigation to JSC, and re-entry support.

Our certified team members support approximately 15 ELV missions and as many human spaceflight activities every year.