About the Flight Dynamics Facility

The Flight Dynamics Facility is a fully customer-funded provider of comprehensive flight dynamics services to space communications networks, science and exploration programs, and expendable launch vehicle providers. The FDF’s professional staff of mission analysts, navigation engineers, and software and sustaining engineers demonstrates a proven record in support of numerous missions and diverse customers. Our customers include the Space and Near Earth Networks, Earth and Space Science Mission Operations Project Offices, JSC Human Spaceflight Program, KSC Launch Services Program and commercial ELV providers, operational robotic spacecraft, and numerous developmental flight projects. Missions that FDF supports, or has supported, include Aqua, Aura, SMAP, GPM, and LDCM; SDO, and GOES and TDRS fleets; LRO; Wind, SOHO, ACE, and DSCOVR; STEREO; MMS; Atlas V, Delta II, and Delta IV; ISS and Visiting Vehicles; and, EFT-1. Our strength lies in the diversity of the missions that we support and services we provide. The services include mission analysis; trajectory design; maneuver planning; operations planning; mission integration; navigation; real-time operations support; and, daily support of over 30 operational spacecraft. We have also supported non-traditional customers such as balloon gondolas and long-duration, high- altitude aircraft. The FDF is capable of providing 24x7 services during critical mission operations phases. Located at Goddard Space Flight Center as part of the Navigation and Mission Design Branch, the facility utilizes Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center ground system architecture with a virtualized computing environment. Risks to providing customer services and products are mitigated through a robust system design, which includes an alternate processing facility to ensure long-term system availability.

Our unique array of capabilities supports NASA, other U.S. Government organizations, private industry, and foreign space agencies. FDF software and sustaining engineers diligently design, engineer, develop, maintain, improve, and adapt systems and interfaces to ensure that all mission requirements are met. We have the analytical and engineering expertise, depth and breadth, and resources to accomplish the job throughout the entire mission lifecycle. FDF support is coordinated in an integrated approach to provide a total flight dynamics solution. Our goal is to provide flexible, valued-added support to our customers at a reasonable cost. 

With over 40 years of experience and as a recognized leader in the field of flight dynamics, the FDF offers expertise, flexibility, and innovation in several key technical areas.

A description of the Flight Dynamics Facility, the services it offers, and the missions it supports can also be found in our colorful brochure: FDF Brochure